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What is the fastest way to get rid of a sinus infection?

Nasal irrigation.

How long does sinusitis last?

Patients who are prone to it can endure the condition for months without treatment.

How to sleep with sinusitis?

Use nasal irrigation before going to bed.

How to prevent sinusitis?

There is no known preventative for sinusitis.

What should I eat if I have a sinus infection?

Vitamin C and Zinc supplements can help to boost the immune system. Sinusitis sufferers should avoid foods rich in histamine namely:

What triggers sinusitis?

Sinusitis is often a side effect of colds, flu and other infections as well as allergic reactions to dustmites, pollen, pets and mould.

Can chronic sinusitis be cured?

Nasal irrigation is the best remedy for sinusitis.

How does nasal irrigation work?

Nasal irrigation works by expelling nasal discharge and with Xylitol, it forms a protective barrier against bacteria, viruses and allergens.

How often should I nasal rinse?

Nasal irrigation is recommended twice per day until the condition clears.

How to do nasal irrigation?

Nasal irrigation directions are:

Is nasal rinse safe?

Nasal irrigation at the correct dosage does not produce any adverse side-effects. MediCleanse Nasal Rinse is composed of a mixture of Iodine free Sodium chloride, bicarbonate of soda and Xylitol

What is a saline solution?

Saline is used for restoring body fluids in drips, as an antibacterial wash for cuts and wounds and of course, nasal irrigation.

How long does saline solution last?

The effect lasts up to 12 hours hence the need for twice daily application.

How does salt water clear your sinuses?

Saline solutions especially mixed with Xylitol act as a decongestant by a process of osmosis. It also moisturises the nasal passages and forms a protective barrier against further infections and prevents allergen particles from adhering to the nasal mucosa.

What is the best way to treat rhinitis?

Nasal irrigation has been proven to be the most effective way of treating rhinitis safely without any adverse side-effects.

Why do I have chronic rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis is often the side effect of colds and flu but it is also the result of allergic reactions to pollen, pets, dustmites and moulds. Pollutants can also contribute to the severity along with eating histamine rich foods.

Rhinitis vs sinusitis

Rhinitis is most often used to describe nasal congestion caused by allergens such as pollen, dustmite, pets and mould.

Sinusitis is used to describe nasal congestion caused by infections or physical trauma.

Does rhinitis go away on its own?

Rhinitis can go away if the patient is nolonger exposed to allergens and infections but it takes a lot longer to clear if it is not treated. In very sensitive patients, the condition can be continuous with varying degrees of severity.

What causes hay fever?

Hayfever is caused by a high pollen count.

How to treat hayfever?

Hayfever can be prevented indoors by spraying with Bio-Life AirCleanse at midday and again between 5pm and 6pm when the pollen count is at its highest. A spray in the bedroom last thing at night also ensures that you do not wake up with a blocked nose and swollen eyes.

Hayfever - what time of year?

In Spring, it is usually triggered by tree pollen. In summer, grass is the primary cause. Oilseed rape pollen is especially renowned for causing hayfever.

How long does dust mite allergy last?

Dustmite and pet allergies occurs year round whereas hayfever is seasonal.

How to cure dust mite allergy?

Dustmite allergy can be avoided by using essential oil and quaternium salt based products such as Bio-Life HomeCleanse for matresses and soft furnishings and FabriCleanse to wash bedding and clothing.

How to help pet allergy?

Pet allergies can be prevented by using the Bio-Life pet cleanser, PetalCleanse along with the AirCleanse.

Pet allergy - what to do when pregnant?

Bio-Life allergy preventatives and nasal irrigation are safe for pregnant women, pets, infants and children.

What is the common cold?

The common cold is caused by a viral infection.

How long am I infectious with the common cold?

The sufferer is infectious for two days prior to the onset of the symptoms and for two weeks after the symptoms appear.

How long does the common cold last?

The common cold symptoms typically last two weeks.

How to sleep with common cold?

The best way to eat and sleep with a cold is to use twice daily nasal irrigation and drink plenty of fluids especially fruit juices high in Vitamin C.

What is the first sign of the flu?

The symptoms of flu include a high temperature, shivering, aching limbs, headaches, sore throats and general weakness.

How do you cure the flu quickly?

There is no quick cure for flu. Antibiotics simply protect the sufferer from secondary bacterial infections so GP's are reluctant to prescribe unless the patient develops a chest infection.

How long does flu last?

The duration of the flu depends on the strain of virus and the susceptibility of the patient.

What to take for flu?

The best way to avoid flu is the flu vaccination but in some seasons even the vaccine does not work because of changes in the strains of the causal organism.

Is xylitol good for sinus?

Xylitol is proven to significantly improve the rate of recovery compared to saline only solutions.

Is xylitol nasal spray safe?

Xylitol is a natural product derived from maize and proven effective and safe.

What is meant by Ayurvedic medicine?

Ayruvedic medicine is the oldest holistic whole body healing system.

Is Ayurvedic medicine effective?

It has been practised in India for 3,000 years and is proven to restore mind, body and spirit.

What is an Ayurvedic diet?

Ayruvedic medicine relies on diets designed to enhance digestion, metabolism and absorption of essential nutrients.

What are Ayurvedic herbs?

Ayruvedic herbs such as turmeric and cumin are proven to promote absorption of essential nutrients and stimulate the immune system to promote well being.